Three films & some random bits

Alright, I’m knackered, it’s been a long weekend, and it was a ludicrously long week before that.

But, three films seen recently before I forget that I’ve seen them:

Mystic River – winning Academy Awards for Tim Robbins and Sean Penn, this was an entertaining and eminently watchable film. It tells the story of three childhood friends, separated by time and distanced by a traumatic incident in Tim Robbins’ character’s childhood, coming together when Sean Penn’s character’s daughter is brutally murdered.

House of Sand and Fog – a gruelling, yet beautiful and moving film, I felt I’d achieved something by the time I’d finished watching this. An administrative error leads to Kathy (the beautiful, beautiful Jennifer Connelly) losing her house to the state, who auction it to Masoud Behrani, a retired Iranian army Colonel immigrant played brilliantly by Ben Kingsley. The film tells the story of the confrontation of wills, and deals with issues of alienation, identity, self-worth and depression.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman – evidently the only cheerful film I’ve seen in a while, Bruce Wayne has to work out who a mysterious new vigilante is, at the same time dealing with the likes of the Penguin, Rupert Thorne, Mr Dusquene and Bane. A good story, well animated and acted, and with GREAT DVD Extras.

Now, to sleep, perhance to dream (superhero dreams)…

[Listening to: Stupid Thing – Aimee Mann – Waiting for My Rocket to Come (04:27)]