A positive development

“The development of Weblogging is a genuinely positive development in mass communication, and particularly in publishing and journalism. It is one of those developments – like easy Internet access – that one knows is possible but couldn’t quite imagine happening. And then it slowly dawns on you that although you were only aware of small steps being taken, a milestone has been reached, and something significant has been achieved.”

Says The Register’s Nico Macdonald in an interesting piece contemplating the future of blogging and its related fields, publishing and journalism. Some interesting thoughts; while I hardly consider myself as someone who’s changing the world with my thoughts (yet), there are some good perspectives in there. Worth a read for you ardent bloggers.

Oddly enough, and I’m not blind to the irony, the article also lambasts blogerati for their inward focus, lack of depth of research and failure to write on substantive topics – thus the supposed new new journalism fails to be anything of real relevance. But like all good memes, there will be proliferation, there will be replication, there will be discrimination, and only the best will ultimately matter.

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