I hate jet-lag

It’s been nearly a week and I’m still waking up too early. Of course, this morning it was at least partly caused by some monkey (silly monkey, look at the silly monkey) trying to fax our house phone at 06.32, and, of course, BT “do not have the caller’s number”.

Two films to talk about briefly; both of which I dozed off in, and therefore comments will be insubstantial. The first, an American movie (apparently for a change) – Ocean’s Eleven (the remake). This was re-watched the other night following a late supper with Kate, because we both felt the need for a silly film. Of course, I’d seen it before, but still deeply enjoyed the excellent performances from Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Friends’ Elliot Gould, and the deeply amusing Bernie Mac (who reminds me of the excellent and improbably named Cedric the Entertainer). It was great for the second time, even if I did doze off a couple of times, but was disappointed to find out that the sequel, due out next year, is going to be called Ocean’s Tweleve. Come on, guys, some imagination!

The second is the beautiful but VERY weird and very Japanese Spirited Away, which, unsurprisingly I watched with Matt and James. Like Princess Mononoke, its a fantastical Japanese anime film, but not really comparable in any other way. It dealt with extremely odd concepts of reality, good and evil, and had some of the weirdest protagonists I’d ever seen. The heroine, a little girl called Chihiro, struggles through a kind of twisted dystopic ‘Wonderland’, assisted and sometimes antagonised by a talking frog (nothing Disney about him), a dragon vaguely reminiscent of Atreyu (or was it Valkor) from the Never Ending Story, and a monochrome monolith called ‘No Face’ in an effort to rescue her parents, who have been turned into pigs. I’m going to watch the end of that film again to catch what I missed out on through my inadvertant naps – definitely intriguing.

I also finished reading Jennifer Government and Hey Nostradamus, mentioned in earlier posts. Spectacular books, both, one for its comic simplicity and the latter for being a profound and moving examination of faith in the face of hardship. I’m not a religious man, but have come from that background and was very impressed with Douglas Coupland’s careful narrative, telling an excellent story as well as dealing with issues of struggling with faith and dealing with personal disaster.

Oh, and a link to a “hot internet nerd” – a 20-year old girl from somewhere in the US who’s made a name for herself largely by being a girl and promoting herself as an ordinary individual. Unlike some of the weirdos on the internet, I didn’t surf to her site by typing “hot internet nerd” into google (no, really), but rather through a link in someone’s blog that I was reading. Honest. Anyway, I thought her blog was reasonably amusing for those with a spare minute.

Busy week this week. Posting frequency to resume at the weekend. Hope you’ve all had an egg-filled Easter and are ready to rumble. By the way, you might want to steer clear of Primrose Hill for a few days – those durned kids with their egg-and-spoon races have left fragments of boiled eggs all over the place. It’s going to smell like the 3rd circle of hell in a few days…

[Listening to: Try – Nelly Furtado – Folklore (04:40)]