Hello Transatlantia!

…by which I mean, hello to all the lovely Canadians who have been reading my site! I should probably password the webstatistics, but I’ve found them to be of moderate interest; and its somewhat gratifying to realise that other people read my site more than I do (I use Mozilla rather than IE as a browser – and yet IE 6.0 is the most popular browser to readers of my site).

Mozilla is brilliant, by the way. Get it. Now. Tabbed browsing! No pop-ups! Do you know what that means? Never mind, you still need it. Really.

As to other things; jetlag, shopping, driving and other preparations, as well as seeing many members of extensive family have occupied Malaysia time. Interestingly, though, my sleep-deprivation-jetlag-preparing-experiment seems to have worked reasonably well, and I’ve adjusted to Malaysian time reasonably rapidly. Of course, that means my only excuse for my relative inactivity is the heat… but that sleep deprivation thing did make me go slightly loopy. I don’t recommend it; no wonder Channel 4 got in trouble over its reality TV programme Shattered.

Saw American Splendor last night. A movie about how real life is difficult – which evidently can make for a pretty interesting film. Reasonably gritty and given a sense of the real by interstitials with the characters on whom the film is based (the mature – not adult – comic book writer Harvey Pekar primarily). A film, even a docu-film, about a subject this self-involved would have been easy to do badly, but it wasn’t. Muy Bueno – read Harvey and his wife’s blog here.