Concorde and Victory

Concordalicious Yesterday, Concorde made its, like, 7th “death march” up the Thames and onto Scotland, and Kate asked me if I wanted to go watch it. Curious as to what kind of spectacle it would make, I popped down there to have a look.

It was a big event; many, many people by the Westminster and Lambeth bridges. As they parallel parked the gigantic, wasteful, polluting, inefficient and ultimately failed aircraft, emblazoned with Scottish flags and other pagan iconography (this is a joke, Scottish people everywhere), I wondered if I could raise any appropriate comparisons to the magnificent house behind it… but then decided that I didn’t quite have the degree of wit or political know-how for it. Suggestions on a postcard.

All the same, it made for some interesting photos. The plane says “Concorde in Scotland” and the lift which raised it off the barge is clearly marked “Abnormal Load Engineering”, which I found amusing for some reason. Read the BBC’s report here. I think calling it “history in the making” was hyperbole much, though.

[Listening to: Absolutely (Story of A Girl) – Nine Days – Away From The Sun (03:06)]