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Outlook 2011 defaults to local Exchange server details [troubleshooting]

I can’t fix this one or find information on it anywhere, but – probably due to Outlook 2011’s clever autodetect capabilities – when its within a corporate firewall it takes the local name of the server – not the externally visible OWA address – so when you leave the firewall the server doesn’t resolve.

My only fix at the moment is to keep changing the address manually in the settings. I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work – I’ve also tried configuring the mailbox manually from outside the corporate firewall but that resets once I’m on the office Wifi too.

Any tips from Macheads or Microsofties appreciated. Will keep scouring the forums, too.

How to connect to a Windows shared drive on a Mac over VPN

I had some real trouble with this one, and needed to get my IT support company on the case. But we worked it out, and here’s the knowledge.

  1. In network settings, set up your VPN in all location profiles that you might use it (e.g. mobile broadband AND automatic)
  2. Change the ‘service order’ so the VPN is at the top
  3. Change ‘advanced settings’ to ‘send all traffic over VPN’
  4. Repeat steps 2) and 3) in all relevant location profiles
  5. When you’re online. connect to your VPN
  6. In finder, click ‘go’ and then ‘connect to server’
  7. Type smb://<servername.domain> or smb://<server ip>
  8. And choose which drives you want to map, entering your (Windows Active Directory) network credentials to let you through!

And that’s it. Hope it helps!

Windows Mobile 6 Caller ID not working – how to fix

I had this problem when my phone came back from the repair shop rebuilt and managed to find a solution (with the help of Oly from Admiral).

Here’s the problem:

1) If you have your numbers saved as +44 7xxx xxxxxx – caller ID works for text but not calls
2) If you have your numbers saved as 07xxx xxxxx – caller ID works for calls but not texts

You need to download a Windows Mobile Registry editor (like this one) and then find the following in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER bit:
HKCU\Control Panel\Phone\CalIidMatch

Then double click the ‘CallIDMatch’ and change the number in there – in the rebuilt phone I was sent it defaulted to 12 digits, it should be 10 for the UK.

So far, seems to work. Thanks to this MS forum for the advice, and hopefully I’ve made this slightly more Googleable for anyone else troubleshooting the same issue,

How to get screen captures from videos in windows – Ask Armand

So, when you try to do a screen grab from Windows media player in Windows XP it goes all wonky. Not sure of the exact reason for this (some driver/acceleration issue), but if you:

1) Get your display settings up (right click on desktop / display settings)
2) Go to the “Display Settings” tab
3) Click ‘advanced’
4) Click the ‘troubleshoot’ tab
5) Drag the slider for graphics acceleration down to zero
6) Hit apply
7) Then run the video and hit ‘alt-print screen’ to capture the content of the media player window…

…and it should work! Don’t forget to drag the slider back up after you’re done or you may get some slowdown / display glitches.

How to fix ‘cannot connect to Itunes store’ problem on a Mac

I originally posted a needless rant here, and decided in the interests of being constructive and not wanting to look like a ranty loon forever, to take down the post and instead write about how I addressed a recent frustration I had when troubleshooting my brother’s Macbook (much easier than editing my original, slightly inane, post). I’m a PC user so apologies if the following is unbelieavably obvious…

So the problem was: iTunes and Software update would not connect despite the fact the internet was otherwise working.

To fix the issue, change your location to the profile for your local wireless network instead of ‘automatic’.

It was incredibly simple but when I originally Googled whatever the exact error message was I couldn’t find an answer. So hoping this helps anyone who has experienced the same issue, and I’ll live with the embarrassment if the reason I needed help with this was that most Mac users find this as natural as uninstalling an application by dragging it to the recycle bin…

Thanks to Rich whose comment on my original rant was reasonable and helpful.