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On the greatness of Kenji Alt-Lopez, food blogger supremo

NYC: Meatopia - J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Kenji’s posts on all things food continue to be nothing less than inspired. I still use some of his tips for making the perfect french fries for my roast potatoes (add vinegar to let you par-boil for longer without losing structural integrity), his posts on pizza, burgers and general knife and other skills inform an increasing number of aspects of my cooking. Let this post serve as the beginnings of a tribute.

The posts that inspired this one were two fold; first, Kenji’s efforts at improving the Big Mac – genius! The scientific method here – rather than the letter of the process that our friends Messrs Blumenthal and Myrhvold espouse, provides a wonderful, iterative, Macgyvery feel to the way he reverse engineers a food classic.

Secondly – Pizzagna. So wrong, and yet so right. Almost something that should appear on Epic Meal Time – but because it comes from Kenji I actually kind of want to eat it.

Be assured, however, the majority of his posts are on more everyday helpful things, including avocado knife skills and general basic cooking principles, so he’s a resource for the world, not just fast food aficionados.

Anyway, if you’re interested in food you should follow Kenji’s work across the Serious Eats blogs. Despite the moderately US-centric nature of it, a lot of the content is fascinating and useful wherever you are – and he seems a pretty global-outlook-kind-of-guy, so there’s some International content too.

Coming soon: a dictionary to help interpret American food names for Brits. And vice-versa.

Crowdsourced and 100% delicious.