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School dinners I liked

One of the ways I’m dealing with the diet is through reading a load of awesome food blogs. Window shopping, right? Serious Eats asks what school dinners (or cafeteria meals, ‘cos they’re American), we actually like.

I had a few that I look on fondly…

1) The full school fry-up. Individually, the components were weak – gristly, soggy bacon, crunchy fried bread, rubbery egg etc. But it was possible to create the ultimate breakfast butty – for me, two slices of toast, a slice of fried bread soaked in baked bean jus, fried egg & bacon… yum. Health on a plate.

2) Welsh rarebit. I don’t know why this veggie option appealed to me so much, but it was tasty as, even done by our school kitchen. Haven’t had it since I left school 11 years ago, though.

3) Chicken Kiev. Again, not great quality but nostalgia continues to make these a bit of a treat for me.

In contrast, three things school dinners have ensured I’ll never really want to eat again…

1) Toad in the hole. I don’t know why its called this, sausages in weird batter I guess is less catchy, but…

2) Eggs hollandaise. The concept makes no sense to me.

3) Frog’s legs. From the ill fated ‘French day’ at school.

My school wasn’t Jamie’s kitchen, needless to say. Any favourites from you guys out there?