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Family technical support

I’ve had a few tasks since being here, including:

1. Rebuilding an old PC (I love the speed of a fresh XP install in the morning)
2. Retrieving data off a failed hard drive
3. Sorting out the wireless networking on the new FiOS net connection they have here
4. Sorting out a networking solution for my Dad’s Skype enabled Panasonic Viera TV
5. Setting up the new Logitech HD camera and Vid we got my Dad for his birthday (they’re a client but I paid full – well, Amazon – price for a matched pair) so they can talk to their grandchild in HD when we’re back in the UK. I’d use Skype but their HD certification is not very well entrenched with the manufacturers yet.
6. Setting up for remote access etc., so I can help them when things go wrong when I’m not here
7. Patching the hell out of all their software (thank you FileHippo)

It’s all gone fairly smoothly. Two points to note – first, PC Expos absolutely SUCK in Malaysia. Rammed full of people, the one way system forces you to plough your way through a massive crowd for limited satisfaction. Incredibly badly designed thoroughfare that I’m sure violated every fire and health and safety regulation there is – if such things were enforced in Malaysia.

Second, Powerlink networking really is the absolute simplest way of getting a big house online! I actually bought the kit to connect the Viera TV, which didn’t come with built in wireless and requires a Netgear wireless adapter that no-one here stocks, but it could just as easily have been used as a range extender on a Wifi network (with a second AP) etc. Impressively simple stuff from the nice people at TP-Link, who I’d not heard of a few weeks ago but now seem well entrenched, both in the UK and here, as the budget networking solution of choice. With Linksys going Cisco-upmarket and 3Com doing the HP thing, I guess a few people had to take advantage at this end of the market.

Anyway, hopefully I’m done with fixing things (just need to figure out how to configure Viera-Skype), and can continue to focus on baby, family, my lovely wife and get started with the writing. And the fitness training. Crikey, I’m trying to fit a lot in!

Good running headphones…

…are hard to come by. My wonderful (client provided) Logitech Metro-Fi iPhone earphones (a precursor of these) are amazing for normal music listening, but (as with all in-ear headphones) struggle against the relentless pounding rhythm of running.

I had been using a slightly mediocre pair of Philips earphones I’d availed myself off eBay for £4 until a few weeks ago – but they suffered two faults towards the end of their existence: 1) the plug struggled to get past the iPhone4’s bumper, not quite fitting into the socket and 2) it suffered the fatal cable failure that results in crackling audio instead of stereo music (sound cutting in and out of one ear or the other continuously).

I found these on eBay for about £15 and am thrilled – like my old headphones they are wrap-around and rubberised – immune to jogging bumps as well as the inevitable sweat. I’d recommend them to anyone who likes music whilst they jog…