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Brand shopping for Hippo

I’m, for my faults, a brand shopper. I look for brands I’ve developed some affection, respect or trust in over the years and go to them as a repeat customer. All the clothes I’ve bought for the last 3 years have come from White Stuff – they make things that fit me and I think look pretty wonderful. Similarly, when we got the new car for me (less so for Mrs D), the reputation – in terms of safety, driving, reliability, resale value etc – meant a lot to me. And whilst I diverted from my family automotive history, there is a certain safety in the choice we made.

With Hippo, everything’s new. Silver Cross vs. Phil & Ted’s vs. Bugaboo? Baby Bjorn vs Tomy? Mothercare vs. Mamas and Papas vs. Cosatto vs John Lewis vs…? And so on. The few familiar brands bring some comfort – but they’re not specialist, so you wonder if they’re good at this. The prestige becomes generic.

And I remain clueless.

Anyone with any insight, or blogs I should read – please let me know… As well as all the baby stuff, with the house move we’re looking at Liebherr fridges and Bosch dryers – and need to take the great Flymo vs. Bosch Rotak lawnmower decision.

There’s entirely too much to think about!