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Jetpack.me & WordPress support

Given the ludicrous traffic levels I’ve had over the last few weeks I’ve been a bit more than usually interested in my traffic stats, and check both Google Analytics and WordPress.com stats (enabled via a plugin) to get a sense of what people are reading. A bug disabled the WordPress stats and a forum post suggested I email WordPress support – which I duly did, received prompt, polite, accurate responses from a few admins there, and was pointed in the direction of a new plugin set – Jetpack.me – which adds an HTML5 stats dashboard (checkable on iPhone/iPad) and a bunch of other features to a WordPress self-installed edition, powered by the cloud – including URL shortening, sharing tools, embed tools and more.

Good on ya, WordPress folk – thanks! And if you run a WP self-install, you should check out Jetpack – a very useful package!