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Independent vs authorized car dealer

We finally got around to buying our new (second hand) car. It took a while as the specific model we were looking for was relatively rare second hand and we were waiting for one with sensible mileage to turn up at a dealership within easy driving range of us.

Was astonished, in the process, to discover the difference an ‘official’ second hand dealer made. The car we were looking at – a relatively recent (automatic transmission, hence rarity) Golf – had dropped a disproportionately small amount from its ‘as new’ price as far as I could tell. I paused to be astonished at the second-hand value of VWs.

The moment one of our target cars turned up at an independent dealer, a further 10% off the original retail price vanished – for a car with lower mileage than the ones I’d been looking at. I’m avoiding ‘official’ dealers like the plague in the future, although with our current car portfolio we won’t be buying anything for a long while, unless we happen to win the lottery…

Running is like golf

So Heather tells me. And I see it – after a mediocre weekend of running, this morning’s 5k on day 2 of Juneathon was a relative joy – I’m afraid Runkeeper is struggling, so don’t trust the data – but the 10 minute mile pace I maintained was invigorating. I’m still not sure if its possible that I’ll be able to work it up to 9 minute miles for the 13.1 miles of the New Forest half, but I’ll work on it.

It is odd to me that despite mostly the same warm-ups, prep, conditions, etc. something in me reacts differently on different days and the difference to my run is tremendous. How do I make sure that I’m on top race form when I come to do the New Forest half? Current thoughts:

  • Careful diet in the weeks preceding
  • Gentle tapering off of training, low impact only in the weeks immediately prior
  • Lots of gentle pre-stretching in the days before

Any other tips? I still need a training schedule (and probably a running coach…). Recommendations appreciated.

Also today: 2x 5.5km cycles, in and out of work – another 40 minutes of exercise on top of the 30 minute run. And probably more stretching tonight. Bring it.