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Eat Goan potato soup review- Big Simple- @eat_news

Description: From Eat – “Based on the classic Indian Aloo Gobi dish – this is a warming combination of potatoes and cauliflower, flavoured with fragrant spices and fresh herbs.” Yep, that’s about right.

Health: Hrm, not ideal for my diet – which wants high fibre and protein, low carbs & fat – this is v. low on protein as you’d expect from a veggie option, and surprisingly high on saturated fat. It suffers a bit from standard Eat salting too (lots of = good for flavour, bad for blood pressure). But 293 calories isn’t a terribly high score on the caloric front, so it made the cut.

Taste: It tastes good. Nothing outstanding – for me the absence of meat and variety in the texture prevents it blowing my mind. The chilli adds a pleasant kick, the texture is rich and gloopy, and the salt-loading ensures that every mouthful tastes good. Think smooth-blended lentil curry with potatoes (not sure if there are any lentils in there, but that’s the hint). Not uniquely Goan-y that I could detect, though.

Full-o-meter: Pretty substantial. Wins points here. Blended texture means every mouthful is a win.

Verdict: 3.5/5. Another tasty Eat soup which will win smiles from the vegetarians. I kind of wish I’d gone for the Toulouse Sausage soup which would have added some meaty substance to my lunch (I’m too carnivorous for my own good), but ultimately you can probably buy this sort of soup from the New Covent Garden guys and be equally happy, so not sure it’ll merit a rebuy for me…

(NB: Eat’s Simple Soups are often blended/veggie like this – hence my usual preference for the ‘Bold’ options, which I might stick to in the future).