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Batman Live review–a great experience


OK, so as many people have sniggered as looked on enviously at me for going to Batman Live at the O2 with Arvind on Friday. An early birthday present – Arvind was due to be in LA for my birthday this year – it was my first trip to the Dome in the 11 years its been open for business and the first time I’ve been to any kind of live show in a while.

It was fantastic.

I really didn’t expect it to be that good, and indeed, elements of it were oddly done. The combat sequences – particularly the wire-fighting ones – were slow and laboured, the accents felt vaguely forced (and Bruce Wayne had a bit of a lisp), and the costumes were accentuated with fake muscles to the point that Batman looked ridiculous on the few occasions he had to run.

But the staging was inventive and immersive, the acrobatics were suitably impressive, the story actually worked – despite a proliferation of rogues endemic to the franchise – the pacing was perfect and the humour appropriate. It was quite child-oriented – and indeed, that lent to its charm – a kid sat around us somewhere provided an amusing commentary on the content: On Batman kissing Catwoman: "Eww, that’s disgusting." On Robin’s entrance: "WOW LOOK AT ROBIN HE’S GOING TO GET THEM!" On the Batsignal: "Mummy mummy it’s the Batsignal!!!"

The Batmobile, btw, is a real highlight. Very, very cool on stage.

Anyway, I think its left London as it continues on its Arena Tour – if you get the opportunity, go and see it! But avoid the Bat-merchandise, it is a massive rip-off!

Here’s a clip:

The O2 – Batman Live Performance on MUZU.TV

Taunting the SEO and social media people with the undead

Black Lantern Captain AmericaWorking at a PR agency and consulting on how people can interact with bloggers and their ilk has always given me a bit more patience, and occasionally respect for the people that pitch me for one product or another. Because I am a bit interested in most things, more often than not I do write about the stuff that people send me or write to me about, from yoghurt to clothing to technology and back again, on the basis that the pitch demonstrates evidence that they’re targeting me on the basis of anything I’ve actually written in the past.

I’m also more than open to offering people a guest blog spot, for what its worth, if they want to write about something that aligns in more or less anything I’m interested in, and as long as its not totally shameless self-promotion.

However, I have virtually no patience with people that don’t even slightly think through why they’re in touch with me, and, like the old Silicon.com/419 scam of old (h/t to Will S on that one) I’ve taking to taunting them.

Personal details redacted, but here’s this week’s fun:

@division6 morning :) was wondering if you’re still accepting guest posts on your blog at all?
@[redacted] depends who from, what for and what about!
@division6 it’ll be from me (my employer), on whatever you’d like it on. What for, you tell me :)
@[redacted] how about a comparative analysis between the undead universes of DC and Marvel comics? Marvel Zombies vs DCU ‘Black Lanterns’?
@division6 lol
@[redacted] No? Ok then.
@division6 don’t think I’ve ever, ever read a comic, nor seen a movie based on a comic.. Maybe The Crow, if that’s classed as one..

I’m hoping someone does take me up on that blog post request. I think a DCU/Marvel undead crossover (maybe with some Walking Dead zombies thrown in for good measure) could be ftw.

Kyle Rayner vs. Hal Jordan and the DCU reboot

Green lanternsAfter the (largely woeful) Green Lantern film, I’ve been reading through some old issues of the comic. I’ve not been one for geeky discussions on minute points of detail in the various comic-verses but every now I read a bit of something and think "hang on one minute there…"

The specific case in point here was the Hal Jordan resurrection sequence following his ‘death’ as Parallax. And it wasn’t particularly the fact of the resurrection – they’ve done those things before for Superman (and I think now for Batman too), but the fact that the return of Hal Jordan diminishes the role of Kyle Rayner from the series.

Hal Jordan – the test pilot man-without-fear – was duly heroic and made sense for the era in which he was created – but Kyle felt much more current. An artist, a man with more flaws than Hal’s misogyny, and a more versatile personality, I thought, made for much more interesting reading.

With that in mind, Topless Robot (my new favourite geek blog) points me at news that the DC Universe is rebooting. The comicverse does this every now and then – realising that their stories have grown to an unsustainably complex place, the reset normally involves a ridiculously complex story-arc in which history is changed and the world as we know it takes new form. I don’t know if that’ll happen this time, but we’ll see… It looks like Hal will be Green Lantern once again, but at this stage – all I can say is – nice costumes, and I’ll miss Kyle if they write him out completely.

Like Topless Robot – I’m not bothered about the continuity reset. Some of these series have been running for so long they occasionally reference events up to a decade in the comics real-world past. When you do that, all but the most ardent of fans lose track…