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Taunting the SEO and social media people with the undead

Black Lantern Captain AmericaWorking at a PR agency and consulting on how people can interact with bloggers and their ilk has always given me a bit more patience, and occasionally respect for the people that pitch me for one product or another. Because I am a bit interested in most things, more often than not I do write about the stuff that people send me or write to me about, from yoghurt to clothing to technology and back again, on the basis that the pitch demonstrates evidence that they’re targeting me on the basis of anything I’ve actually written in the past.

I’m also more than open to offering people a guest blog spot, for what its worth, if they want to write about something that aligns in more or less anything I’m interested in, and as long as its not totally shameless self-promotion.

However, I have virtually no patience with people that don’t even slightly think through why they’re in touch with me, and, like the old Silicon.com/419 scam of old (h/t to Will S on that one) I’ve taking to taunting them.

Personal details redacted, but here’s this week’s fun:

@division6 morning :) was wondering if you’re still accepting guest posts on your blog at all?
@[redacted] depends who from, what for and what about!
@division6 it’ll be from me (my employer), on whatever you’d like it on. What for, you tell me :)
@[redacted] how about a comparative analysis between the undead universes of DC and Marvel comics? Marvel Zombies vs DCU ‘Black Lanterns’?
@division6 lol
@[redacted] No? Ok then.
@division6 don’t think I’ve ever, ever read a comic, nor seen a movie based on a comic.. Maybe The Crow, if that’s classed as one..

I’m hoping someone does take me up on that blog post request. I think a DCU/Marvel undead crossover (maybe with some Walking Dead zombies thrown in for good measure) could be ftw.

Lovely stuff from White Stuff

I mentioned in passing in a recent blog post that I’d bought pretty much all (I’d estimate 90% of my non-running, non-formalwear) clothes from one brand over the last three years. The nice people at White Stuff spotted my post and in thanks for the mention sent us a box of samples which I’m going through the process of trying out. Now I’m hardly a fashion model but it only seems fair to post a picture of me in some of my new stuff to demonstrate quite why I love the clothes (and the brand) so much…

This is me in my new super-comfy check pyjama bottoms and comfy longsleeve tee. I may post more pics in the days to come if I can get some interesting pics and Emily doesn’t spew on too much of it.

So, reasons I love White Stuff clothes / brand.

1) They fit me. They fit me when I was fat, and now I’m thinner, I’m a medium and that feels good. It’s been years since I’ve been a medium in anything. Although a lot of their ‘L’ stuff fits me pretty well too (for my larger readers, they go up to XXXL in some clothing lines!).
2) They suit me. Without looking like I’m trying to be fashionable (inevitable that I look like I’m trying and also that I fail), and without looking like I’m a slob (which is what tends to happen otherwise)
3) They’re SUPER comfortable and pretty hard wearing. Really nice cottons for most stuff and this amazing cotton/cashmere blend for a lot of their jumpers which I like.
4) Lots of WS colour ranges suit me.

The brand
1) They’ve sent me clothes as a *thank you* for a mention. They didn’t ask me to blog about them, and have made no particular effort to drive a hard sales pitch. As a social media douchebag myself, its pretty gratifiying to have seen this done well.
2) They’re persistently doing friendly, funky, crazy stuff, from drinks and biscuits in store to a bus travelling around the country to a couple of elderly brand evangelists. Fun stuff, accessible, enjoyable.
3) They’re creative in-store. As well as the aforementioned drinks and biscuits there are frequently novelty freebies of some value (decks of cards, etc) as well as a variety of in-store promotions (a Cluedo style whodunit was one I recall of late) which are engaging without being tedious.
4) Their e-promotions are well-targeted and well-written. I actually quite like geting their mailers.
5) They seem like really nice people.

So kudos, White Stuff, makers of awesome stuff, and thank you. I’ll shop with you again soon (there’s a coat I have my eye on), and this winter on more days than not 100% of my clothing will be from your collections.

Now, do you do baby stuff?? ;-)

Fame is having your blog targeted by PRs

I’ve been pitched! As someone who’s always treated this blog as a self-indulgent dumping ground for any random thought that occurred to me, it’s flattering that someone thinks I have an audience and coherent enough content to feel it’s worth targeting me.

In any case, (and I’m not paid to promote these guys), if you want last minute father’s day gifts, you should…

Feckless Shoppers Warned Against Smash-and-Grab Gift Buying Kiss goodbye to panic gift buying: new website LateLateGifts.co.uk is helping thousands of last minute shoppers cope with Father’s Day. The idea behind the site is simple. Users can browse 60+ shops that offer immediate, same day or next day delivery gifts to take the stress out of last minute shopping. Time is of the essence for the feckless gift giver, so the easy to navigate website offers simple search options to help users find the presents they need pronto. Shoppers who are really racing the clock can search same day delivery gifts. For those with a day or two’s grace, Late Late Gifts lists retailers offering delivery by the following morning. The range of shops means there’s an ideal gift for everyone. From electricals, gadgets and computers to jewellery, chocolates and experience days, it’s all on offer – and delivered fast. Late Late Gifts creator, Richard Kershaw, was inspired to build the site by his own shoddy gift-giving habits: “I know all too well the stress of last minute smash-and-grab gift buying. But I was certain I wasn’t the only person who was, well, just a bit rubbish at buying presents. “I couldn’t find anything out there to take the pressure off buying gifts for your nearest and dearest. I hope that Late Late Gifts will make Father’s Day and those other big occasions a little less daunting.”

Thank you Kay Smith of LateLateGifts.co.uk.