Who buys the blackberries?

The only blackberries worth buyingDamian asked me a question about smartphone market share for some unspecified reason and it landed me at this article. What’s fascinating about it is it tells you who’s buying which Smartphone platforms. Specific insights:

74.3% of people that buy an Android phone haven’t owned a Smartphone before

84.9% of people that buy a Blackberry haven’t owned a Smartphone before

This tells you two things:

  • Price really matters when buying a Smartphone and not everyone can afford an iPhone (despite it being the best-selling single device in the UK, Apple’s overall market share is proportionally going down as more affordable Smartphones become prevalent)
  • Blackberry users literally don’t know what they’re missing.

I’m increasingly of the view that calling a Blackberry a ‘smartphone’ is inaccurate so I propose that someone sets up some kind of charitable movement to protect the public from these heinous devices…