Pride in Emily’s achievements

As a new Dad you’re inevitably painstakingly, tediously proud of your kid’s achievements. I’m no exception to this and every smile, laugh, kick, foot in mouth, increased bit of motor control, chat and near-roll has been a point of pride, joy and tedious anecdotes.

However, Emily’s coping with the 20 hour journey from our home in Hampshire to my parents’ home in Malaysia was absolutely remarkable. Whilst slightly anxious on the flight, she more or less maintained her regular routine, was only briefly upset by the air pressure changes, and persistently charmed every stewardess, immigration officer and fellow passenger she chanced across. It was the single best flying experience I’ve had (and thanks a bit to KLM for that, they were absolutely super), in spite of having a new baby, although it was a bit hair-raising at the start when we didn’t know how she’d react. Amanda kept her ‘drugged’ with a feed on the first ascent/descent from London to Amsterdam.

Safely arrived in KL, she’s gradually getting used to being somewhere… else, the climate, and soon-to-be-arriving torrent of family. Her Dad is coping less well, having been up from 1-7am. Argh.