Eat Mexican bean soup review – Very Big Bold @eat_news

Description: From Eat: “Robust and packed full of flavour, chickpeas, butterbeans, red kidney beans, tomatoes and smoked paprika makes this soup a Mexican classic. Garnished with crème fraiche and Cheddar cheese.” From me: A heckuva lot of dem beans in a spicy tomato based soup, garnished with an insultingly small amount of cheddar cheese and a dollop of craime fresh.

Health: Pretty good – only 380 calories for a ‘very big’ bold. Good amount of fibre, as you’d expect with all those beans, but not huge on the protein front.

Taste: Pretty well spiced, the tomato soup base kicks a tasty punch. Not oversalted in the way some Eat soups are, it still manages to be reassuringly tasty. However… beans are beans, and 200g of chickpeas, kidney beans and butterbeans gets a bit monotnous. More cheddar might have helped thicken the (slightly watery) tomato soup base and add a bit more moreishness to the vat.

Full-o-meter: Pretty good. This is a BIG pot of soup and high in fibre.

Verdict: 3/5. It’s substantial, healthy, kind of tasty… but not quite rich or tasty enough to win a higher score. Meat definitely needed.