Eat chicken, leek & bacon risotto soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

Description: From Eat: “Our version of an Italian classic – rich and creamy, with chicken, smoked bacon and a splash of white wine. Garnished with rice.” About right, although I’d question ‘rich’.

Health: Not great. 425 calories for 16oz, high on saturated fats and salt, low on fibre and protein.

Taste: Not that impressed. Given the nutritional content and description you’d expect something luxuriant and rich – but the thin soup with stingy bits of chicken and fatty pancetta don’t quite live up to the hype. Salty moreishness makes it more than edible, but the substance – isn’t really there.

Full-o-meter: Not great, as you’d imagine, given the description. Wonder if some grated cheddar or parmesan would have been a more sensible topping, and if they’d gone less heavy on water, milk and stock and more generously with meat and veg…

Verdict: 3/5. Tasty-ish, but not that substantial and really not that special by the standards I’ve become accustomed to. Not actively bad, though.