Surrender? Never!?

There are times when subscribers to this blog start to think that I’m an exemplar of the typical blogger – checking in every few months to post, apologising for not posting, or just logging into upgrade WordPress.


At the moment, I feel I have good excuses, and it is unusually busy, so when normality ensues it’ll bring blogging with it. I’m not hanging up the bloghat just yet…

My excuses (this time):

Planning wedding parties (one here, one in KL)

Losing weight (down 15kg so far, target is 21, although I may extend that to 27kg longer term)

Learning Danish – many of Amanda’s family are Danish and am (reasonably) determined to at least have a few phrases for the speech

Learning to drive (again) – Passed my Malaysian license in 2002, working on the UK one now that I have more need to drive. Test on 18th September. I’m not optimistic but am working hard on it nonetheless.

Trying to do 100 push-ups in a single set. Up to 52. Also starting the analogous 200 sit-up programme and am two weeks into the couch to 5k programme.

Busy at work. As ever. Also editing and slowly evangelising a blogging project I got going a few months ago.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’ll do as a starter for 10. What’s your excuse?