I’m back, baby

It’s a much noted truth that personal blogs go for months without updates, and when the update comes its usually an apology for not posting. And then months pass…

Truth be told, whilst life has been busy, I have been blogging… just not here. I’m currently writing on another blog, named for my agency’s first office, with a bunch of colleagues on a selection of topics – it is not a work blog as such, more an external thought space for us and good practice for my colleagues and I at diving into the world of social media we spend so much time talking to our clients about.

The subject material (from me, at least) is not vastly dissimilar to what I write about here, so you should find me there, although I’ll probably end up cross posting some of the posts at least over here. Especially now I’ve upgraded to the shiny WordPress 2.8 and installed this luscious new theme for you all (what do you mean, you read me on RSS? Look how pretty it all is!)

Anyway, I’m over on Chivalry House every now and then. Check it out.