Q1 review

It’s been an astonishingly busy three months, both at work and at home, and that’s my excuse for crapness. Sorry!

At work, I’ve been working to support a big client event, a major trade show, an uber launch (that had me sit across the virtual table from about 10 CEOs from major tech companies), learning about alternative fuels, talking about Twitter too much, publicising the changing world of work for a major UK media group, and much much more.

At home, I’ve been wedding planning, booking a venue and a date, negotiating with the churches, thinking about colour schemes (ok, not very much here), writing to travel companies, making guest lists, failing to organise an engagement party, finishing the renovations (the Streetview pic of my house is completely misleading now), and trying to maintain some kind of fitness regimen. Oh, and I went to NYC for a weekend with some Airmiles that were due to expire to visit Damo.

Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it. But sorry – will no doubt try to pick up something resembling normal service in the weeks ahead.