Mobile broadband causing problems for Poker (or vice versa)

I’ve seen a couple of mentions of online poker sites being blocked by mobile broadband providers… But I wonder why this is happening, if, indeed it is at all.

Cheating poker jockeys would find the appeal of cheap (as low as £10 per month) mobile broadband very strong – they could have multiple IP addresses at a single location and, well, cheat to their hearts’ content. Well, cheat until the algorithms/monitors looking for anomalous behaviour caught them out. But y’know, they could cheat.

So it’d have to be the poker sites blocking access to people from mobile broadband connections rather than the other way around, given that, if anything, online poker would provide an incentive for people to sign up to mobile broadband.

For the record, I love poker, don’t have a USB mobile broadband dongle, and wouldn’t cheat at online poker even if I knew how. Cheaters are wrong. But was just wondering about it, inundated as I seem to have been with mobile broadband adverts lately.