More planning needed

You wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading this blog, but I’m a decent writer. I’m capable of structuring arguments, thoughts, speeches, presentations and so on fairly well — I’m not claiming to be Martin Amis, but, y’know, not one of the manatees writing Family Guy (which, for the record, I am a fan of, but do criticise for being excruciatingly lazy with its writing from time to time. Blue Harvest, anyone?).

Anyway: once again, rather than taking that as a random diversion let’s call it an exemplar of what happens when you don’t plan a piece of writing. And that’s the temptation with blogs, just to hit “write new post” and spout random rubbish that’s occured to you that day. Well, no more! Or, at least, a little less. I plan to… plan more.

I should perhaps rename this blog the blog of unresolved resolutions. But I’m not sure that scans well.