Le cochon arraigné

I have started doing French lesson’s at work on Pat’s prompting, and the last one (a couple of weeks ago now) was particularly entertaining for our vibrant discussion of recent films we’d seen, including Michael Bay’s Transformers and The Simpsons movies. For reviews of those, check me out on Flixster via Facebook.

But one particularly useful thing we did was translate the Spider-Pig song into French. For anyone wondering, it goes a little something like this.

Le cochon arraigné, le cochon arraigne, il fait quel que chose qu’on cochon arraigné fait… est-ce qu’il peu balancer sur un atoile… non, il ne peu pas balancer sur un atoile, il est un cochon… regard dehors, il est le cochon arraigné…

If you think I’ve gone mad, or don’t know what I’m talking about, check out…:

Corrections to the French welcome! But what a way to learn a language! Can’t be topped.