Social Memedia revisited

Drew B asks if the ‘top 5’ social media tools I listed last year have changed.

In 2006, they were:
WordPress – my blog platform
Wikipedia – everyone’s encyclopedia
RSS – which makes the news go around
Delicious – which keeps my links in check
Skype – connecting people

In 2007, they are:
Facebook – yes, you know I love it.
Google Reader / RSS – not much change there
WordPress – or there
Twitter – Microblogging fun
Delicious – linklove still in there

I’d also add
Skype – Not today. That’s a big outage.
Google Mail – Ajaxy email goodness

I am fad-tastic. In truth, not a huge shift, but social networks have really come on in the last year, and I’m a big fan of Facebook’s ‘open’ approach. How about you?