Some updates. I’d call them musings but they really don’t deserve that much credit.

I’ve been quite busy for the last month or so. Lots of gigs, parties, work (so much work), so I’ve gotten behind on almost everything. My RSS feeds are collecting unread items like Mrs Haversham’s house collects dust. It’s horrible, I tell you. It’s almost got to the point where I want to abandon Google Reader and start again afresh.

But I won’t. Because I’m not that crazy.

I have been occupied with one thing or another. Facebook seems to have been stalking most of my friends, leaping into consciousness a couple of months ago and adding yet another form of communications I need to check. I wish there was a simple way to route everything to Gmail (although I do like the Facebook interface…).

There’s been gigs. Minutes and Urusen both have had/are about to have lots of gigs. I’m going to one next Wednesday in Farringdon. Do come, and sign on the wall on the open Facebook event I’ve created to foster interest. Urusen are truly amazing; I can’t recommend them enough.

There’s been films. Good, good, bad, & ugly. I was very sad about Spidey being bad. The Xbox360 game is not terrible, though.

There’s been games. Spider-Man 3, PokerStars (lost too much money!) & C&C. Jon @ EA sent me both the PC & Xbox360 versions of C&C, and between the fact that my PC can’t quite cope with all the effects and the fact that the 360 version has a pretty clever control scheme, I may end up replaying it on Xbox. It is, needless to say, an awesome game.

There was (briefly) exercise. Got to 10 consecutive days of working out then it all went rather to pot. Am looking for encouragement, squash buddies, cycling buddies, anyone who can persuade me that I should be out doing something at some point.

The flat move is imminent, which is rather stressful. In a few months I will not be where I am now. I should probably have a party to celebrate / commiserate. It’s been a wonderful 6 years here, it really has. Due to the fact that wherever I move to will be a bit smaller, I am looking at ways of making my PC quieter. A silent PSU is en route, and I’m hoping to make the transition to Core 2 Duo in a couple of months (unless Intel wants to help me out sooner? I wish we really did get crazy quantities of freebies working in PR…).

My own writing has stalled. As you’ll have noticed from the silence on the blog. I’m still full of ideas; and will work up an action plan to get them written up.

I’m still getting used to Vista. The fact that iTunes runs like a dog on it (I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this, stupid sniping betwixt Apple & Microsoft camps just ends up annoying innocent consumers like me in the crossfire) means I’m WAY behind on video podcasts too.

And now, there’s going to be sleep. A good night’s worth. See y’all.