New draft of my ad needed

I’m still trying to get a band together. But the gumtree ad seems to have drawn the wrong crowd – people in the wrong genre or far too much talent for me. I think I need to translate my ad in order to make sure there is no ambiguity.

Am of average skill,

I am competent, but can’t read music, have only really played rhythm but can jam in E minor to twelve bar blues, and have never “gigged” before. Actually, technically I’ve had one gig. I’m not sure *anyone* but me and maybe one or two of the musicians involved remembers that one.

more enthusiasm, and varied taste.

It’s not difficult to have more enthusiasm than I have talent. I have limited talent. And varied taste != soul, techno, goth or dance music. Flattered that people would think that my taste and skill on guitar would extend to that range, though.

could commit to one weekly practice.

I could commit to one weekly practise. Maybe two, if everyone was at the same level of mediocrity and enthusiasm as me.

I really really want a band but feel that I need to be transparent or I’ll just confuse people. I hope that clears things up. Get in touch if you want to jam.