More on C&C 3: Tiberium Wars

Here’s the thing. It’s very, very good.

There’s not much more to add to my review of the demo. The game is fast, varied, graphically impressive and addictive. The video is compelling enough and the most of actors are the right combination of good at what they do and beautiful, which is always nice. The multiplayer is pretty slick, limited lag and a few good, entertaining modes of gameplay and well designed maps. Damo and Matt have bought it too, which was nice of them, and we had a good session yesterday.

I’ve not finished the single player campaign yet, but the appearance of the Scrin will make it interesting. An alien race turning up randomly? Nice! Clearly different strategies required for them than for Nod… and then the whole thing will be played through again when I take on the Nod campaign. So There’s a fair few hours of fun in this.

Other than the fact that the game plays better with a Core2Duo (which I still haven’t brought myself to buy), my only real criticism is the fact that the ‘Normal’ level AI is a bit of a pushover. Haven’t tried the harder AI yet – suspect it will be frustratingly difficult. IIRC, earlier C&C games had more balance on this front, but ultimately it’s not a massive problem.

Let me know if you want to play multiplayer at some point. Not this weekend, though: Some Tingulstads are visiting us, I’m going to see Hot Fuzz and also hopefully eat some Malaysian food at that new restaurant that’s opened. You know, that one.

Thanks again to the guys at EA for this. Keep it coming!!