Armand doesn’t live here…

…for a week. I’m leaving my blog in the hands of Chris and James, two very good friends of mine, whilst I’m on vacation.

Chris is friend from University who worked on the student paper with us. He’s the man who got me into blogging – he blogs more seriously and more thoroughly than I do over on his own site, and talks about lots of issues I steer well clear of. That said, he has told me that he looks forward to blogging “Armand style” for a bit, so I’m vaguely worried about what that means. Chris is an Arsenal fan.

James was at college with me and has, over the years, introduced me to a disturbing number of genres of bizarre Japanese film. He’s a deeply funny man, but hasn’t blogged before so be especially nice. He’s a fellow Spurs fan, so I expect him to stand up to Chris if necessary.

All I’ve asked them to be wary of is language and NSFW content, as, amongst others, my parents occasionally visit here… so I think you’ll be in for an interesting week, and I look forward to catching up on my return.

Off to pack now… catch y’all soon!