Damo doesn’t live here, any more

The reason for relatively limited blog posts of late is multi-fold

(1) My personal life has been busy, in a good way
(2) I lost the habit of blogging relatively during the 6 week internet drought imposed by my service provider over Christmas
(3) I installed Windows Vista (more to follow)
(4) Damo’s been living with me for the last 6 weeks, and I’ve therefore been disproportionately social

Damo’s now moved back into his flat, which is cool, but kind of sad. I like having friends living with me, and Damo’s one of the best. No doubt it also had an impact on how healthily I eat, too (Damo’s the kind of guy who goes out to buy a snack and comes back with Parma ham and Parmesan and other things beginning Parma).

Still; expect normal service to resume. I’ll try to alternate regular posts with the techie ones you all know and love.