Back from Cuba

With lots of stories, and, you’ll note, about a month worth of blog posts missing. Sorry about that, the bastards at seem to have deleted my SQL database, which is more than slightly infuriating. Have spent half the evening getting Chris to help me sort it out (the man is a genius) and am going to shout at them tomorrow.

In the meantime, photos from Cuba trip here, with loving captions and descriptions inscribed. Enjoy!

Update: A very unapologetic restored the database this morning, so we’re back up and running. There was an error in my database that prevented it from backing up and restoring to the new server, apparently (some scripts inserted by a WP plugin). But they’ve sorted it relatively quickly, so kudos to them.

Afraid Sheila didn’t get a chance to post in the last week so my blog has gone unattended; however, I will attempt to rectify that today, as I recover from jetlag, sort my life out in general, and get past the post-holiday-blues!