Masthead + lens flare == great

Kieren was writing recently about Edelman/Technorati’s top 100 blogs list. Whilst I’m slightly sceptical of the entire premise of their ranking system (not Technorati’s link authority rating, but rather Edelman’s determination of which blogs are ‘UK’, etc), I did find Kieren’s comments on blog mastheads quite interesting. His theory:

…why do only 50-odd other blogs link to mine? That has always seemed like a healthy number but when I compared to others, even the most mindless, waffling, regurgitators of nonsense get more links.

So I took a fresh look at my blog and realised – it’s me! It’s my stupid mug staring down at people that has done it. I’ve crossed some invisible blog cultural boundary by having my pic up in the header of my blog and I’m suffering because of it.

I have the same issue! I’ve been thinking for a while that my masthead needs a redesign, and whilst I expect few of the readers of my blog would have the time or inclination to help support those efforts… I figure you might have an alternate suggestion for the picture I’m using above. What would most effectively represent what I’m doing here? Any suggestions welcome. And if I get to use a lens-flare effect, that’d be great. I love that lens-flare effect. It is awesome.

Post in the comments or email me at the usual place! If I use your suggestion I’ll get you something nice. Like a bear claw.

2 thoughts on “Masthead + lens flare == great”

  1. I’d just like to point out that my masthead features both my head, and something that looks a lot like a lens flare effect, but is actually proper, honest-to-goodness real-life lens flare. Well, it’s a light behind my head, at least.

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