Ah, a great afternoon of writing

Sure, there’s been some procastination, online chatting, gaming, TV watching and general timewasting, but the story seems to be coming together! It’s never as quick as I think it’ll be, but looking at my plan, I seem to be about 2,300 words into a story that’s going to be about 12,000 words long, so that’s some progress. The idea is that this will form the structure of the novel, and give me a sense of whether the story has potential, and is worth turning into a full book.

So far, there are mystery men in long coats, football, a pool bar, a curious metal plate, a crazy prophet, a robot in disguise, a bully, two heroes and a tripped out mother. It’s getting exciting! And I haven’t even introduced the baddy yet!

This bit’s really tough, though, as there’s no need for the whiteboard. I’ve done that stage of the writing and now I just have to sit around, by myself, tapping away until I get the story out. Still… a dream’s a dream, and you gotta give it a shot. Watch this space.