Torch + wood + H + D = Angel + Wales

Thanks to Tom, not only did I get to pretend to be one of the fabulous Lib Dem gliterati (as opposed to the mere Lib Dem sympathiser that I am), but I also got to see a preview screening of the new BBC3 drama Torchwood.

V. exciting. It is basically Angel, in Wales. The leading lady is awesome, and the leading dude, despite his decided Americanness, does have a long coat. And is also called Captain Jack. And whilst he’s no Jack Sparrow, Jack Harkness does like to stand on tall buildings, which, in HD, looks spectacular. Maybe also not in HD, but the HD looked good.

Tom observed that, like Buffy and Angel, Torchwood is a spin-off set in a city to the west of the original**, about a man, who is immortal, with some kind of detective agency. Biggest difference is that they’re fighting Aliens, not demons (though they look similar) and that Torchwood is based out of Cardiff… debatably less glamorous than LA. That said… it looks great!

Anyway, ’twas much of the goodness. Have set my Tivo to record. Would recommend you all to be watching. Very nice!

**…the original being Doctor Who, which the observant of you will notice, is an anagram of Torchwood… and vice versa…

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