Diary entry

Second Life diary, stardate 29 September 2006.

– Still don’t see the point of this. I’m in a virtual world that slowly loads around me whilst random people make conversations and friends.

– I don’t have enough time for my friends in the real world, why am I here again?

– The existential mist is clouding my brains, digital and literal…

– *The mist clears and I experience a moment of clarity* – why the hell do I have this ridiculous facial hair?

– I cannot get rid of this goddamn beard. Where can I get a Mighty Morphin’ Power Razor?

– ladeeeeedadeeee dumb… bored.

– Wheeeeeeee. Flying!

– Oh, It’s not that much fun. My mistake.

– Someone wants to be my friend!

– Sorry, who are you?

– Whoa. That’s What I Call Slowdown.

– I have inadvertantly pressed ALT-F4… Whoops……