I love Firefox 2.0

Halfway through writing the last post, Firefox crashed. I mean, badly crashed – dead, no option to screengrab or copy and past the text out of the dialogue box – just plain gone. And I thought ‘crap, there goes the 3 minutes I spent typing that post, I’m not going through that again’ — or words to that effect.

Hereusment, Firefox’s new ‘restore session’ feature not only reopened the browser tabs I had open, but also somehow restored the text into my web interface.


It’s a thing of greatness. The reality is, no matter how stable your machine is (and even if you use a Mac or Linux).. there’s a chance that your machine will crash at some point. And that restore function will save your ass. Looks like Microsoft will be playing catch up with IE again… (although FF 2.0 is still not Sharepoint compliant ;( nerts).