Family anecdotes

Two great family stories this morning.

First, from my Mum. She went to a reading at a bookstore in KL where she met [[Shashi Tharoor]], a candidate for the post of Sectary General of the UN. She had him sign a book – and insisted he write “best, Shashi, the future Secretary General of the UN.” Shashi initially refused but my Mum persuaded him that if he believed in himself, and wrote it, then it would happen. And so he did it.

See what happens; I’m going to try to give my mother credit for putting the UN secretary general in power if he gets it.

Second, from my cousin David (for the comedians who have been asking, no, his surname isn’t David) – who was travelling on the Northern line the other day. Someone asked him if the train was going to Morden – to which he replied “Morden likely,” and promptly started laughing so hard that he had to get off the train.

Pure genius. You can tell we’re related.