Ongoing silence

Things have been ludicrously busy for me lately. Lots of interesting evenings out but have missed the boat on writing about them (blogs are such transient things…) and not sure there’s much left to write about at this stage, other than the fact that I’m quite tired and looking forward to trying to make some quiet time – but may not for a little while yet.

Maybe I should just admit that I’m not going to get too much writing done this summer and get some one from here to sit in for me for a little while. Areas of blogspertise: technology, PR, trivia, comic books. Actually, probably will get some offers… But no, never surrender!

People just seemed to have gone nuts this summer with parties, etc. My sister thinks I’m having a quarter life crisis, which may be true. I’ve only bought an iPod: but maybe that’s what you get for this one, and the sports car only comes with the mid-life crisis….