Wedding season

The happy couple, Roy & Cristina, cut the cake My closest school friend, Roy, gets married this week, in a three stage ceremony, part two of which I had the privilege to attend at his family’s place in the country yesterday. Was a very moving affair — Roy’s sweeping passion for his Transylvanian bride, Cristina, and his moving speech — and the best man, Roy’s brother Nicholas, delivered a very funny, obviously passionate tribute. His parents were also clearly proud and the whole afternoon was extremely pleasant.

The Stoics Also hilarious to catch up with Will, another old school friend, and to meet his lovely American wife for the first time. Also had the privilege to catch up with Peter Farquhar, our legendary english teacher from days gone by. All were on excellent, ebullient form – Will cracking jokes about vampires, garlic etc., and Peter engaging and reflecting with everyone with the genuine interest and sincerity that has helped him maintain close friendships with so many of his former students.

Slightly worrying that quite so many of my friends are tying the knot at this stage; but I’m adopting a ‘que sera, sera’ attitude to that aspect of my life…!