The Visa Diaries

I’m not big on shopping myself, but if you are… check out the Visa Diaries. Kate Howe is examining how your shopping reflects your personality, in some sense — as she tells “tales of life and love” through Visa receipts ;).

Me? I hate shopping. Buy everything online that I can. Not sure what that says about me :P

2 thoughts on “The Visa Diaries”

  1. Hi Armand! Now, you may hate clothes shopping, which I admitt is all I’ve written about so far, but I think you like gadget shopping? music shopping? game shopping? maybe not the process of shopping itself, but acquiring those things… the key is to figure out what is the symbolic meaning of the things you like to acquire. Like maybe technological gadgets in some way have to do with having special powers, mastering your environment, feeling ahead of the curve, etc etc…

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