Geek dinner

I’m going to my first ever Geek Dinner tonight; it’s with [[Chris Anderson]] of ‘Wired’ fame – he’s got a theory called ‘[[The Long Tail]]’ about how, in and amongst other things, markets and media are evolving from a few mass media, products and services into — thanks to a largely Internet powered world — a mass of niche media, markets etc. There’s a great, and very confusing, quote from Amazon in the Wikipedia article about The Long Tail which might serve to give a practical example of what that means.

I think the Geek Dinners are a great concept, and they seem very popular (at time of writing, there are 72 comments to rsvp, despite the fact that its on a Friday night) — so if anyone has an interest in the topic that’s reading this, please do come along and keep me company. I’ll be the one in the corner who doesn’t know anyone ;).

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