Chris Anderson and me chatted!

That was pretty exciting. I didn’t really expect to enjoy tonight’s geek dinner as much as I did; don’t know why, I guess despite being a geek in many ways (for many years) I’ve never really done the “going to an event where I know no-one” thing. Actually, maybe that’s not surprising if I’m describing myself as a geek…

Highlights: Tim B from Info Age was there, who I’ve been speaking to for the last couple of years (mostly about Cisco as, well, I work on their PR), and was good value, as was his ‘not really a geek’ friend Dan (who likes comic books, and is therefore a geek ;)).

The pub, on Holborn Viaduct, was an interesting experience.

The chat was good – although there were some… unusual personalities at play, met a couple of cool guys who were doing interesting things (business cards from Azeem, Jon, and San), good conversations with Tim and Dan as well, and actually managed to (a) ask a question and (b) follow up with Chris Anderson himself afterwards, which was cool.

More on specific chat shortly. I’ll definitely go back for more dinners if Ian gets more good speakers – Ian and his wife, Sarah, were great hosts and did a good job getting us all corralled (even if it was slighly hard to hear Chris during the talk itself).. . and am sure there were others who contributed to making the evening a success.

3 thoughts on “Chris Anderson and me chatted!”

  1. Thank you for coming, I’m really sorry not everyone got to hear the talk because of the background noise bit honestly, I didn’t expect to be outside with such a huge crowd.

    I hope to see you at future geekdinners, and glad generally it was a good first time experience. Hope to talk again soon.

  2. never read about myself in a blog before! i believe “LOL” the right reaction here…?
    really good to meet you, let’s stay in touch.

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