…sorry for lack of posts. I have a cold following my time in the sun and am feeling like a sack of refuse. To top it off, I woke up from one of those dreams where you feel like you’re responsible for the end of the world and can’t shake the guilt (you have those, right?) — and couldn’t get back to sleep. So am working off about 3.5 hours sleep today.

Hopefully the vit. C overdose will kick in over the weekend and I’ll be able to catch up. For the moment, though:

    Work is in happy overdrive (nice to be applying brain after break)
    Bust-a-move is going well
    I’ve finally gotten into Stephen Erikson’s books
    Sheila is off to Scotland for a week
    Arvind is happily moved into his new place
    I wish I was a punk rocker is both addictive and annoying me a lot
    Bill Gates and Robert Scoble both seem to be changing jobs (I go away for *two* weeks and MS falls apart!)