She’s back.

She’s finally back. About ten years ago we started our very own Communist Society, complete with badges. Tonight we sat in oh so trendy Soho. After quite a lot of discussion we went with a dry white that had echoes of both nettles and mangoes. We expressed our doubts with the usual amount of sophisticated cynicism. Pizza and jazz followed.

My darling boyfie keeps reminding me that Marx was buried in Highgate cemetary, with only 11 or 12 people in attendance. Details, details. One of my first crushes was on Trotsky. If that’s wrong, then ice-pick lobotomies have become unfashionable very suddenly indeed.


I wonder if any of my loyal readers have been confused by the repeated mention of The Beavers. Well, here’s a quick explanation. We are a clan of fierce, intelligent, clannish Beavers, extremely anti-otter and anti-duck. Otters and Ducks have Agendas. Beavers have Dreams. Just so you know.

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  1. Chewing is actually only one of the many wonderful things dicussed at the Annual Beaver Society Open Discussion Forum.
    For more information post your name, species and how you prefer to be chewed…

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