Drawn to MK and the CeeBee’s

On Saturday I packed a small bag and headed to visit the CeeBee household.  When in London they live on the other side of town, and have a sustained belief that it is the only sensible place to live. (‘I mean why would anyone live anywhere else? Everyone should live here.  I mean not EVERYONE obviously.’ NB The CeeBee’s didn’t say this, I overheard it and thought it was funny.)

On Friday, Miss CeeCeeBee, the younger twin by 14 minutes, had emailed an invitation for the weekend – along with the weekend’s menu. So with the perfect weather and the lure of barbeques in the sun, poached salmon and a roast lunch on Sunday, I happily boarded Chiltern Railservice’s arctic carriage and left London behind, heading to MK’s outskirts. A weekend with the CeeBees -  woohoo!

CeeCeeBee and I missed England’s goal – getting back from the station a little bit after half one, we decided to put lunch before football and so only heard Mr CeeBee’s roar of delight from the next room.  Once we started watching he quickly adopted armchair pessimism, taking great delight in taunting us with how awfully England were playing.

Post football, we moved outside.  I lost at all games we played, despite strategic ganging up against smug repeat winner AyCeeBee at croquet, AND losing at a card game I’d just taught CeeCeeBee.  

Chocolate sustained us until supper. Mrs CeeBee = kitchen goddess.  The twins and Gemma call her The Feeder.

To bed, had twelve hours of sleep, yum.

Lunch, and then back to London in the Beavermobile with Buttkiss(AyCeeBee), Boris(GeeCeeBee) and the Alpha(CeeCeeBee). 

Back to life as usual.

One thought on “Drawn to MK and the CeeBee’s”

  1. Alpha here calling out to all beavers (of the big toothed, flat tailed, wood munching variety – actually scrap the last one!)
    Opportunity to join a small but close nit operation to further the advancement of a lovable species in the face of adversity (i.e the otters), recruiting for the beaver army begins with submission of a suitable and original name beginning with B (Beavis, Boris, Buttkiss, Bianca, Bruce, Baldrick and ‘Beyonce the International Super Beaver’ have all been taken so think again my furry friends).
    Upon success Enrolment Phase 2 begins…..Dental examination….

    i could go on all day, but suffice to say – I’m bored (but still a beaver)

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