So, watched the Eurovision song contest tonight with some friends from college; its a tradition of theirs I’ve never fully embraced, but really enjoyed tonight. Suzanne and Jamie hosted an entertaining evening, and there were two things in particular that snagged my interest.

    (1) Terry Wogan is hysterically funny. His sarcastic deconstruction of Europe really made me chuckle: “this is a kiosk… why its not like kiosks in other countries I can’t say… oh yes, I know stuff…” — paraphrased equivalent
    (2) I really, really enjoyed Finland’s winning entry. Shows that humourous music really is appreciated, which was gratifying.

It is a bizarre event, though. Spex speculated that the only people who could adequately replace Wogan would be Ant and Dec – saddens me that they are the best that British television has to offer… but it did make a great deal of sense. Their high-energy idiocy might be the only thing that will wean the UK public off the reassuringly cutting wit of Wogan.