So, I saw X3 over a week ago and still no comment: what, l ask you, is wrong? Could lt that it was awful? Well, it could have been, and have been making up my mind about it over the last week: but on the whole think that it just about held its own weight.

There’s no doubt that the writing on X3 is, well, mediocre, when judged by the standards set by its predecessors. Characters struggle through some fairly awkward exchanges that never quite succeed in convincing you that they are experiencing a normal range of (mutant) emotions.

That said, some of the action sequences are delightful in their ridiculousness (what exactly are Jean Grey’s powers?)… And Frasi- erm, Kelsey Grammar brings some bright blue colour to the cast, which had us all chuckling.

All in all, it’s a film that takes less energy to like than dislike, for all its flaws.

Definitely one for a fly by night fan of the franchise like myself. If Spidey 3 is as poorly scripted I will probably be upset.

This post is published with two NTKs:

    (1) We’re still quite a long way before the film’s official release, so have tried to avoid spoilers. Apologies for scant nature of information offered.
    (2) This review was initially tapped away by hand on a PDA. Which is a great way to give yourself RSI, but little else…