Listening strategies

I go through phases of music listening. My most recent phase has been going for 5 years and is wholly unsatisfactory.

In the mid-90s, I was an album obsessive; I listened to every CD I bought religiously, repeatedly and analytically; deconstructing riffs, harmonies and solos, in part for mediocre reproduction purposes on my guitars, and in part because I had the time to do that.

Then came the late 90s and digital music. All was still good; I had time to make Winamp playlists, my music collection was still manageable.

Sometime around 2001/2, I digitised my entire music collection and gave up trying to listen to coherent collections of songs; I just chucked a bunch of music onto my iRiver/iPod and let it play on random; which had a few side-effects:

    It drained the batteries out of my digital music players
    It drained my enjoyment of music out of me

The latter was a gradual process, which only really properly sunk in this morning as I skipped through track number 175 of 400 on my Nano trying to get something I wanted to listen to. I gave up and put on the Anchorman soundtrack, which I then proceeded to enjoy.

So I think I’m going to go back to the album model of music listenership, and see if I can spare the time to build some playlists again.

All the automated online services that guess at what you want to listen to based on your previous faves –, Pandora etc – don’t quite do it for me. Perhaps I’m just in a nostalgic phase of my life… who knows. But we’ll see if I get the music back into my world!