V is for Vonderful

Massively enjoyed ‘V for Vendetta’ last night – whilst there were some issues with the fact that the main character wears a mask and you can’t see his facial expressions, on the whole the alternate history they told was gripping, the visual effects and the alternate London were stunning, the love story was plausible and the dialogue entertaining. Liked the ideology too – although the parallels to other forms of extremism made me very unconfortable with the justification of violence to achieve any ends.

Favourite line (and still loving my recent discovery of the block-quote tag):

“Ideas are bulletproof.”

Oddly, Alan Moore wasn’t credited. Wonder why?

2 thoughts on “V is for Vonderful”

  1. Alan Moore wasn’t credited because he has cut all ties with DC and asked not to be credited. There was a good article about it in the last empire magazine…

  2. Because Alan Moore has demanded that his name be removed from any film projects of his work, on principle. Because he hated From Hell, he hated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and he hated Constantine (which was kinda based on his work). So, no Alan Moore on V for Vendetta, and there’ll be no Alan Moore on Watchmen if it ever happens…

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